Vršački Vinogradi – Vršački Rizling “Kasna Berba” 2004

Vršački Vinogradi (Vršac vineyards) are located in the vicinty of the town of Vršac in north-eastern Serbia.

The wine is semi-sweet (or semi dry for you pesimists out there!), full bodied and quite strong (14.5%). As the name (“late crop”) suggests, it is made from very ripe Italian Riesling grapes. According to the winery, the harvest is made in early November. It has a very nice nose, just swirling and sniffing it will cause great pleasure. For some reason it associates me of hot summers (it’s snowing in front of my window right now, I might just be nostalgic) and the smell of honey, hay (hey!) and a bit of alcohol. This is a full bodied white, goes well on it’s own and with desserts. If you’re in Vojvodina, ask for “makovnjača” or “štrudla sa makom”, to acompany this wine. Serve and drink cold (~10C).

It feels good to taste such a nice wine produced by a winery that was a big socialist company during the old Yugoslavia days, producing low cost table wines.

Score: 9/10
Price: 420 RSD (€5.20)
Retailer: Rodić MB, Airport City, Belgrade

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