WinEco Biserni Chardonnay Barrique 2006

This is another great wine from the WinEco winery (Podrum Radenković) from Southern Serbia. It is a not-very-dry Chardonnay, without a strong nose, but with an exceptional balance of fruity and barrique aromas. It is easy going, with a full taste, definitely one of the wines to accompany your lighter meals. It’s barrique traces make it a great complement to slightly smoked fish or cheeses, but it’s also great on it’s own.

In general, Chardonnay is particularly suited for the barrique (oak aged) treatment. Chardonnay Barrique develops a pronounced cognac aroma and becomes a truly full-bodied wine – all hints of fruity flavours become very subdued.

Score 9/10
Price: 800 RSD (€10)
Retailer: Super Vero

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